Arniel Gane, a Breton conjurer, is one of the scholars at the College of Winterhold. What if they're still out there? He wears adept robes of Alteration and a pair of boots. I'm at a loss." When you reach the bridge you will find a confused Arniel along with Faralda. Alternatively, he will greet you with: "You must be one of the new apprentices, then? He will then stay behind and make sure the town is safe while you go talk to Mirabelle Ervine back at the College. That is, it might, but I'm not completely sure. Critical to my work, and one-of-a-kind. Enthir: "Right. Wonderful. The Augur? This page was last modified on 11 May 2019, at 13:14. The quest will end and the unique spell Summon Arniel's Shade will be added to your magical skills. ", What's the big deal about this dagger? Tell him that the courier never arrived and he will say: "He has some simple-minded courier delivering it?" Enthir is once again holding out on me. He then hands you the Warped Soul Gem and finishes the conversation. If you suggest he should build a new Convector he will be annoyed: "Hmm? During the course of the day, Arniel was supposed to make several attempts to converse with the other College members, but doesn't, due to a bug: Arniel: "Err, excuse me Enthir. At least three seconds. Unlike previous parts of the quest, about two or three days must pass before continuing. I'm too close now. When you tell Arniel you have the soul gem, he will be excited to see his research continued, although he will still not reveal a thing: "Do you? ", Arniel: "Hello, Nirya." Only now... Well, it's simply a disaster.". When you accept to learn the spell Arniel's Convection he will happily say: "Wonderful, just wonderful! ", and "I'll be amazed if any of us survive this. Arniel: "Ah, err, yes. "Now we see whether my theories are correct. Anyone know how to fix this. (Minor Spoilers) User Info: DeathIX. He is up there in the opening on the left. Mirabelle Ervine and Ancano's conversation does not play out. Could you perhaps speak with him, and see if we can come to some sort of arrangement?". When asked about the task again he will reveal that he is secretly studying the ancient Dwemer: "I simply need more pieces of Dwemer equipment to study. ", Enthir: "So, Arniel. And you're not dead? Please, you must set this right. No, no. I can't help but notice that you're doing quite well for yourself, rising through the ranks and all. He'd like you to speak to Enthir and return to him with the item. Thereafter, talk to Arniel again. Three times, and the crystal should be ready for the next step. At least, I don't think so. In order to reach Winterhold, you will of course need to use the long bridge connecting it with the College (screen above).Be careful, as some parts of the bridge will be destroyed and therefore it will be quite easy to fall down. I remember you. I attempted to build my own, based on designs and using parts you helped to provide. Once you have broken the barrier, you can head back to Arniel and hand him your findings. I told Arniel what I wanted in exchange for it, and he was unwilling to come up with it. Here's the gem Arniel was after. At that point Arniel will be teleported to a spot inside the excavation site. No one knows why. He will now have set up the Warped Soul Gem in the storage room. Go find and speak to Arniel Gane, who will ask for help with a special project of his. And what did you say the point of this little venture was?" Let's see what happens. Still, this is most encouraging. I can even teach you the spell to heat them. Hmm?" #36581965, #36596725, #36603770, #36604405 are all replies on the same post. Despite his huge knowledge and many skills, Arniel Gane is obviously shy, clumsy, and not really skilled in the art of communication. Err, wouldn't do to say at all. It's irreplaceable, do you understand? This great discovery will go completely unnoticed at the College – because nobody will even notice that Arniel is gone. Mystery." My very own Dwarven Convector. and "It's going to take forever to sift through all this." Follow the walkways to the other side. And most of all, using Keening as the ultimate healing tool! Find Arniel Gane and help him find some artifacts. Perhaps a little harder?" I believe that what Arniel recreated was a Dwemer secret method used to power their creations. Now, if you're here on his behalf, I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on my original payment." Just... Just don't make a mess of my work." Instant, unexplainable. This should produce some notable effect." Truly excellent. I don't think there's anything further I need from you." I don't have it!" We don't want to damage anything." You must force him to see reason!" There has to be a way to save the College. It's quite promising, I believe. He then reveals that you need to acquire the Staff of Tandil to exchange whatever it is Arniel is after. Or simply follow the compass arrows and use the Local Maps to zone in on him. He will then continue: "I've only looked through a portion of this section. It's not perfect, but it's a close enough approximation that it should certianly [sic] suffice for initial tests! No, not really." His experiment was insultingly foolish - Keening didn't even work,otherwise he would've died when he tried to hold it. I, umm, I may require further assistance from you." When approached he will ironically reflect on the recent events at the College: "Perhaps we can go another few decades without a disaster. Two options are available, one of them the greedy route, asking him what you will get out of helping him: "Well, I... Don't you see? I was doing Arniel's Endeavor Quest when a bug popped up. Arniel needs a very specific item for his project and is having trouble getting Enthir to give it to him. When asked about what the 'thing' is, Enthir will reveal that he never got an explanation either: "I don't know. Emphasis on again. Go find and speak to Arniel Gane, who will ask for help with a special project of his.He’ll want you to go and bring him TEN Dwemer Cog’s, but he WON’T tell you what he’s going to use them for…. When asked again he will repeat: "Find Arniel Gane. Ten of them should be enough for me to get a better understanding of how they were crafted. No, not really. I suspect it may be due to the nature of the soul gem versus the crystals this was intended for. He will not say anything else, so you will have to complete The Eye of Magnus before you can help him any further with the research. He will then close the conversation without revealing anything else. Ah, yes. When you tell him you have his gem, he will be surprised: "It worked, then? Arniel Gane asks you first to find 10 Dwarven (Dwemer) cogs. Two options are now available. I swear we’re too nice. But please, don't leave. Arniel's goal is to recreate the event that caused the Dwemer to disappear. What could be worth studying about a long-lost civilization? Might I have a moment?" That... That didn't really do anything, did it? Arniel's Endeavor is an optional quest from the College of Winterhold. Speak to him and ask if he needs some help. Under Saarthal: Uncover the mysteries beneath this ancient ruin. It's too early to be getting excited. Use the Saarthal Amulet to escape the trap. You can also try and ask him if he made it clear to Enthir how valuable the item was: "Have you lost your mind? He's one of our scholars, here working on cataloging our finds. Talk to the Arch-Mage and receive your reward. When approached he will say: "Well, certainly none of this will benefit my research...", and will be skeptical about the whole affair: "I'll be amazed if we find anything useful here." Think, please, just for a moment, about what he would do if he knew its true value. After locating the courier and claiming the unique dagger Keening from the body, return to Arniel Gane. Err, nothing!" Just... Do whatever it takes to get him to stop lording this over me. Arniel was neither equipped for nor skilled in the science of Tonal Architecture. Arniel: "Ahh, hmm. Did you attempt to wield it? Goodness, that's it, isn't it?! Yes. Which was how he found himself leaning against a wall, listening to Arniel Gane go on about a project to learn about the disappearance of the dwarves. I have far too many things to do still." Enthir: "Really, Arniel? It's effective. Two options are available. Is this during a specific Quest? Yet another mage trying to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the dwarves. Again. It may not be 'official', but there is a, uhh, project I've been working on.