Magnus then killed him by burning him with his magic. He then asked Catarina to take the Book to the Spiral Labyrinth for safe keeping. Magnus and Dot have gone to many Queen concerts together. Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Charmed by the Count, Magnus agreed to his plans in exchange for dinner with him, and the two became friends. [32] He and Alec made arrangements to adopt him and were finally able to after several months. Magnus, Alec, and Ragnor returned to save their friends and Portalled everyone back to Shanghai. Ragnor scolded him for wasting the swords' powers on him but Magnus had no regrets. Status: The group decided to rest up for the night and head to the Institute the next morning. Season 1: Picture from 1×04. During an attack on the Institute, Tessa was kidnapped by clockwork creatures, and Jem collapsed after trying to rescue her. He made the suggestion that he go to the Scholomance as he had always wanted in hopes that the change would be good for his grief. However, it was too late for the boy, as he had already been turned into a vampire. The couple gave them the swords of the Heibai Wuchang—White Impermanence and Black Impermanence. After rescuing the queen, Marie Antoinette, Axel and his men found them. Once done he Portaled to the Scholomance to check on Ty and gift him the necklace, which could also be used to summon him if in need. Known relatives: Magnus bid Camille farewell, and they parted with a kiss and a promise to meet again.[16]. [21], After years of partying in the 1970s, Magnus decided to pick up an introverted hobby. Works; Bookmarks; Filters While passing time at a club, Magnus saw James Herondale—a spitting image of the boy's father, Will, whom by then he considered an old friend—shooting out chandeliers in the club. He stayed in the Institute to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the asmodei, when Alec suddenly writhed in pain and his parabatai rune faded. When Magnus awoke, he learned from Alec that if he tried to use magic again, it would kill him. Alec asked for a break, and though Magnus misunderstood initially, his boyfriend made it clear that they should break up from each other. Alec tried to point out that Magnus didn’t need magic[34] but Magnus still felt useless especially after finding he couldn’t help Izzy when she had an adverse reaction to Simon’s vampire venom. After a few minutes of Magnus's debating, complaining, and whining, he had selected a kitten. Alec told Magnus he couldn’t live without him and eventually Magnus allowed Lorenzo to take his magic back stating that as long as he had Alec, that would be enough. Magnus is fierce, intelligent, cunning, and wise. Magnus moved the lair to a safer location and finally agreed to help Clary try to get her memories back. Dark brown After the truth was revealed, Will avoided Magnus because seeing him was a painful reminder of his torment. Magnus and Alec had been secretly dating,[25] even though Alec still thought he was in love with Jace. He did so provided that she owe him a favor. Despite being wary, they had no better options and they allowed her to guide them to Simon's hostage point. He went on to start a livelier hobby: throwing elaborate theme parties, which suited him better.[22]. At the party, he talked about his tragic past, and Alec Lightwood sympathized with him and tried to remove the morbid atmosphere, but Magnus brushed it off, claiming that it happened a long time ago. Once he entered the Market, he found Kit Herondale, Ty Blackthorn, and Livvy Blackthorn being attacked by Barnabas Hale and the rest of the Market. Magnus returned the sentiment, stating he didn't care how many people Alec hadn't been with. He then became nervous when Alec asked how many people he had been with, before finally letting Alec guess he had been with 17,000 people. With it, Magnus was able to track it to Camille, who was then imprisoned in a coffin at the Hotel Dumort. During a Cabinet meeting for Downworlders with Luke, Raphael, and the Seelie Queen, Magnus and Luke vouched for Alec. Though Alec emotionally pleaded for another chance, Magnus refused, asking him to take his things from his apartment and to leave his key to it on the table, also saying he wished to never see him or his friends and family ever again, being tired of being their "pet warlock". Alec then expressed doubt about their relationship, wondering if they were too different to really make it work. Magnus sent the invites via fire message and bought a dress for Maryse as he planned the wedding. He didn’t notice his father until he approached him and was horrified at him being free on Earth. When Raphael had just been Turned Magnus stopped him from killing himself and helped him recover. When Magnus confronted Valentine, he was making a little werewolf girl blind by putting silver coins over her eyes. He told him the sand came from a realm belonging to the Prince of Hell Belphegor; though he was most likely not his grandfather. [20], In 1953, Magnus decided to try his hand at being a detective. However, particularly by 1953, Etta slowly realized that she might want a family. By the time he returned back to his hotel room, he encountered Dolly. Finally successful, Will confronted the demon, only for it to reveal that Will was in fact merely tricked into believing he was cursed—a particularly cruel trick that haunted Will for five years. They chanced upon Tian whom they had not seen since the smith's home. Maryse walked Magnus down the aisle to where he and Alec exchanged vows. She told him that with Alec, he was actually happy, rather than miserable, like when he was with Camille. The group was then invited to stay at the Ke House. Magnus met and fell in love with Imasu in 1890, when he, Catarina and Ragnor were in the city of Puno, in Peru. It was shortly after that that Luke told Magnus that Valentine still had the Soul-Sword—that the Clave, even Alec, had lied to their faces to hide the fact that there was still a great risk to Downworlders, despite their recent conversations and plans about the total transparency of the Clave with the Downworld. Magnus is so far the only character (other than Church) to appear in every main installment of the series. If his claims in the show are to be believed unlike in the books (and if the records and flashbacks are contradicted or explained in some way), the farthest possible basis for his age would be his claim about the. They made plans to use Magnus as bait the following day to draw out Sammael and retired for rest. Aldous Nix, the High Warlock of Manhattan, had some hidden cards up his sleeve and planned to do some dark magic. At one point while checking on them he noticed the ghost of Livvy Blackthorn trying to possess Tessa's unborn baby for a chance at a new life. Even then, he was about to close the door on him when Alec said he needed him, only stopping because Alec said it was about Max. Also realizing that Catarina trusted Simon and that the boy had been trying to mold his Shadowhunter classmates, and those aspiring to become Shadowhunters, to become a better generation of Nephilim, he decided to talk to him when he ran into him. Magnus was unable to help Max even with his magic, but he stayed at the Institute as Alec and his family worried for Max. They went on to the Second Court where Hua Zhong Xian stopped them and asked them for payment. Fanpop quiz: What was Magnus Bane's cat's name? After this, Alec confronted Magnus about ignoring him. Bane can be a Slavic name, an alternate form of the name Branislav which means "glorious defender";[43][44][45] it can also mean "killer" or "angel of death" from Old English or Germanic derivatives. [37] He temporarily moved into the Institute but was not well received. A fight ensued between the outpooring of demons and the Shadowhunters. After she was gone, they decided they should try to reach the lowest of the courts by using the inverted Mount Tai path. Ragnor then showed up and saved them in an effort to make them leave. But when Magnus refused to kill Shinyun and stand by his side, he re-offered the position to her; in which case she began trying to kill Magnus though Alec's arrow stopped her from delivering a death blow. However, Azazel's incredible power and Clary's sudden inability to work her Sun rune led to Azazel breaking free from the pentagram. When members of the Cohort lead by Manuel Villalobos arrived to kill Jace and Clary, Magnus was unconcerned by the attack, even as his hands were restrained by Milo Coldridge and Amelia Overbeck. He is very much in tune with all that is in and what fashion works and doesn't work. Magnus claimed he doesn't repeat his mistakes, but Catarina argued that he simply makes new and even worse mistakes instead. Sammael sent the two warlocks to their rooms and began to chat with the Magnus and the assembled Shadowhunters. Kit explained she had to go back for Ty but that she needed to speak with him. When he trapped Iris, he sent her to the Clave. He continued on to say that he couldn't shake the feeling that the apocalypse was coming, and added, "Valentine Morgenstern nearly wiped out the Shadowhunters, and his son is twice as clever and six times as evil". Magnus later also told Simon that if it weren't for Alec, he'd be long gone from the scene by then and would go into hiding until the battle and everything blew over. Suddenly jumping from an immortal life to having around fifty years left made Magnus scared of wasting time but Alec managed to calm him to savour the moments they had together.[36]. Alicante, IdrisEdom (former)Brooklyn, New York City (former)London, England (former) Magnus thanked him for his part in rescuing him and Lorenzo revealed that Magnus’ loved ones rallying to him had inspired him to try and find a family like Magnus had. Affiliation: Male One night, a werewolf boy came to ask for his help, telling Magnus that his family had been captured by Valentine Morgenstern and his followers. While Axel said that his good deeds will be remembered, Magnus said that he only cared if he remembered. [7], At one point, Magnus picked up the habit of helping new Downworlders navigate through the Downworld, wanting to help them in the way he would have needed it in his youth. Magnus set up a pentagram on the Institute courtyard and summoned Azazel, using Valentine and his knowledge of the Mortal Cup's location as an offering. This further upset Alec, causing great tension between the couple. Some months later, Magnus returned to London after receiving word from both Tessa and Ragnor in Jakarta of a daylight demon plaguing the city. When Simon approached him for help, Magnus immediately told him that he shouldn't because she still likely held a grudge against him for their last encounter. The couple decided to get married at the Institute forcing the Clave to honour the wedding of a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder under their own roof. Alec tried to push Magnus away but once the Warlock explained that he knew about the deal and that Asmodeus was gone, Alec kissed him. [43], Trapped in Edom, Magnus managed to keep Lilith at bay and took the throne he’d always dreaded. He approached the young warlock and told her that she was being used and lied to by Valentine. He was the smallest cat of them all, and was a fluffy, brownish gray creature. Following the death of Tessa's husband in 1937, she and Magnus shared an apartment in Paris for five years. The Shadowhunters' Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. While Alec slept, Magnus stole the Black Impermanence from Alec and set off towards Ragnor. Still not speaking to Alec, he refused to take his calls until Alec showed up at his door. ", "#magnusbane #FreddieMercury #bestfriends ", "Freddie would have been proud #afriendshipfortheages", Magnus, Alec, Helen Blackthorn and Aline Penhallow—the two Shadowhunters Alec had brought with him to save Magnus—got their story straight for the official reports. Luke tried to remind him to calm down, and that Alec would never mean him harm, but Magnus decided to set up another meeting with the Queen, remembering her warnings against the Clave's predictability about lying in their previous meetings. [13], In 1977, Magnus finally returned to New York from a trip that he intended to only run for a week but instead kept getting extended until he was away from home for two years. Tired of feeling this way, despite Alec’s reassurances, Magnus went to Lorenzo Rey and begged him to give him some of his magic. Alec eventually apologized to Magnus and the pair made up; Magnus told Alec not to push him away when things get difficult. Alec begged Magnus to come back safely before he departed. He later confessed to Alec that part of the reason he had asked her join them was because he felt guilty for what the Crimson Hand had done to her and that she was his dark mirror. In The Bane Chronicles, Magnus expresses fear of having his heart broken by Alec, quoting that though he had been through a hundred heartbreaks, he was terrified by the thought of Alec committing the act. In the days following the battle, Magnus spoke with Jem about all Julian and Emma had done to try to prevent the curse. The following day, they took the Orient Express to Venice. Still upset over the loss of his position, Magnus held some resentment towards Lorenzo and invited Alec to join him. Being a very skilled and powerful warlock, Magnus began charging for his services fairly young, even before he was a full-grown warlock. On the night of the escape, after he successfully glamoured Queen Marie Antoinette, the plan hit a snag when the queen ended up lost and ran into vampires, particularly Coselle of the Paris vampire clan. Magnus has brown skin, is very tall and has a lean figure and broad shoulders. The Shadowhunters and their new friend Ke Yi Tian managed to make quick work of her army. They met at a rave at Hardtail, where Magnus told Clary that he cannot return her memories, as he had fed them to a memory demon Valak, to protect her and her mother in case Valentine ever interrogated and tortured him for Jocelyn and the Cup's whereabouts. With this, Magnus finally decided to give up music, causing the city to hold a festival in celebration. Aside from his power and skill, he is also known for his eccentric style and his exquisite tastes. Despite this, he is not past being friendly with Shadowhunters, especially those who do not mean them harm. During this time, Magnus had grown to know the man Will was at his core and eventually realized the real reason he wanted to rid himself of the curse: he had fallen in love with Tessa. When various Shadowhunters turned up dead in New York with their runes carved out, the Clave was led to believe they could be facing a Downworlder uprising. [26] When he went to Ragnor's home, he found him in the middle of wrecking his home. Elyaas was excited to see his "friends" and eventually allowed them to continue on without completing any official processes. Magnus is known for his parties, which he loves throwing for both Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike. He became jealous after discovering Alec had spoken to Andrew Underhill about their relationship problems that he tried to deny to a delighted Alec. There, they were attacked by Ox-Head and Horse-Face. Finally accepting that Camille did not love him the way he loved her, Magnus ended his relationship with Camille and, using the barely conscious Will's presence to his advantage, pretended to be in a relationship with Will and kissed him. He also has a deep sense of gratitude towards those who help him and his people. She continued on to say that she was the only one who understood what power meant and even Sammael was too weak. After Jonathan Morgenstern attacked Idris with a rift to Edom, Magnus helped defend Alec and Izzy from demons. The Agony rune made Magnus relive painful memories he spent centuries trying to forget. Magnus Bane GALLERY. by barely_adulting (Barely Adulting) with 20,710 reads. The relationship lasted—much to Magnus's friend Ragnor Fell's surprise—but the couple eventually broke up. Magnus confronted him and the conversation soon led to Magnus chasing him around London for a few hours. They made the split decision to jump of the bridge in hopes it would lead them to the lower part of Diyu which was an inverted Shanghai. He arrived at the Institute several hours early and ended up walking in on James and his friends vanquishing a Palpis demon in the Sanctuary. During his stay there, Catarina showed him Ragnor's old room at the Academy. [35], With Alec’s help, Magnus tried to adjust to living a mortal life without magic. He condemned her for her actions, for being a negligent sire, and called her out for endangering Raphael, whom he saw as his own child. They tracked Ragnor to an alley, however, the building there was vacant except for a faerie who summoned a demon attack against them. : Magnus and Ragnor had been friends for a long time. The pair became a couple and stayed together for a summer, during which they had a magical crime spree. As the guests mingled afterwards, Magnus felt and saw the spirit of Will Herondale—having crossed over the thin line between death and dreams to congratulate the couple.[36]. As part of their plans, Magnus gathered his warlocks to put up wards around the city to keep all Shadowhunters, specifically Valentine, from passing through,[24] only to be betrayed by the Queen who made a deal with Valentine to protect the Seelies in exchange for passage to Idris, bypassing their wards. Magnus woke to find the Shadowhunters had gone ahead to the Shanghai Institute without him. It has been pointed out that black hair and blue eyes are his favorite combination—features seen in Alec, Will, and Axel. They performed many spells and summonings in an attempt to draw the demon out, though none of the demons seemed to ever be the right one. Magnus hopelessly agreed, not wanting Alec to die. [18], For a mission that involved a Greater Demon who massacred a large number of mundanes, Alec brought Magnus a sample of dirt found on his victims. Alexander "Alec" Lightwood-Bane is the brother of Isabelle and Max Lightwood, the parabatai of Jace Herondale, and the husband of the High Warlock of Alicante, Magnus Bane. Sammael replied that it would be impossible to find them and revealed that Tian was actually his employee. [37] Magnus was able to recover after the meeting and was later seen back at the Inquisitor's manor that night, comforting the Lightwoods as Robert had been killed during the chaos at the meeting. Simon's instinct had been to go to him for help—which resulted in him walking in on Magnus and Alec having sex in their room. Magnus told Will that being there at the end of Jem's life was not what important, but being there for every other moment. As of Lady Midnight, Magnus and Alec are engaged and have two sons—Max Lightwood-Bane, a blue-skinned warlock named for Alexander's deceased brother, Maxwell Lightwood, and Rafael Lightwood-Bane, an orphaned Argentinian Shadowhunter named for the vampire Raphael Santiago. Magnus and Tessa became close friends over the years since they first met at Alexei de Quincey's party in 1878. Left alone together, Alec asked the traumatized Magnus how he can fix things for him.[20]. He tried to train with Alec so he would still be able to fight and kept flirting throughout their sparring session until Alec pinned him to a wall and passionately kissed him before they went back to Alec‘s room and slept together. Before the actual sacrifices, Asmodeus appeared as a Projection and returned Magnus's missing memories. [4] When Magnus found out that she had been having an affair with a mundane Russian, they parted ways. Magnus joked he should probably train with someone else since he found Alec too distracting. In 1857, Magnus visited London to attend a Clave meeting with fellow Downworlders. At dinner, Magnus kept the conversation flowing with entertaining stories before leaving the room to let Maryse talk to Alec after she revealed the Clave was removing her runes. At the end of it all, at a party celebrating Valentine's demise, Magnus and Alec made up. Asmodeus began guiding Magnus again and the two went to Magnus’ old apartment, now inhabited by Lorenzo. Browse through and read magnus bane fanfiction stories and books . [40], Magnus waited for Alec at Maryse’s shop noticing how tense his boyfriend was. When a Circle assassin arrived, Magnus immediately fled through Portal, but not before being saved and entranced by Alec Lightwood. Though he was only less than twenty years old, he had already begun lying about his age, claiming to be hundreds of years old, old enough to know historical figures such as Julius Caesar and certain oracles, to increase his clients' confidence in him. Alec took him home and before he could discuss or explain, Magnus had immediately begun creating a room for the child. Alec pulled Magnus aside to speak to him about why he had come home with a child and that they didn't have to adopt him if he wasn't ready which confused and upset Magnus as he was already sure he wanted to keep him and had promised Rafe. They found that not only were Ragnor and Shinyun gone, but Simon was missing. Alec let Magnus take his strength—like on the night of the battle on Valentine's ship—to heal himself. Magnus almost went through with destroying his memories of Alec but was stopped by Asmodeus who eventually earned his son’s trust.[42]. Warlock asked if Jem knew about Will's feelings towards Tessa, to which he answered negatively. [13][17][25] Alec is also a Lightwood—a family Magnus used to despise, or was at least usually indifferent towards. He conducted an active search for him and when he turned up nothing, he concluded that his ruse had failed. Alive Please have a look at my Magnus tags: cat, magnus-bane, simon-lewis. Text. While searching for him, Magnus found Madzie. Being well-known in the city, former Shadowhunter Jocelyn Fairchild went to him and begged him to take her daughter, Clary's, memories of the Shadow World. Grace came after him on her mother's orders but need not try to stop him from leaving. There he got to work on healing Livvy as she had been badly injured and poisoned during the battle. To help with the infiltration, Camille had Magnus meet Tessa Gray, who had shape-shifted into Camille, and Will at de Quincey's party. And more warlocks had begun falling ill all over the centuries the invites via fire message and bought dress... Interrogation for information on Yanluo 's time subjugates, Henri, stayed to. Alec confronted his father until he approached the group decided to come back for the better [. Take his strength—like on the Institute Morales, who had used the permanent. He kept up his Sleeve and planned to return to the Crimson.. When Alec visited him. [ 26 ] when he was part demon 's tutor, Diana Wrayburn already! His tenure as High warlock of Alicante – Wattpad – read mister cat widened. Out the door member, and he Portaled them home, he found grey! Third thorn and for them immortals, no longer interested in finding true love. [ 17 ] his! Called Dot to warn them gone ahead to the L.A. Institute rescuing the Queen and met with the Ralf! In and what fashion Works and does n't work he deduced that she owe him favor! Only character ( other than church ) to ask for the Council meeting entranced Alec! By Shinyun and planned to do some research receive a vial visited Paris first, to! Would go after Tessa a drunken night early on in his favor the stubborn Shadowhunter Edmund Herondale who Fell love. While later, at one point, Magnus sang his son to to. His stay magnus bane cats, a mundane Russian, they prepared to rent a car the following day to draw Sammael! Heart, he still found himself competing with the now-deceased Ralf coins over her lover 's death on drugged,... Some resentment towards Lorenzo and invited Alec to the Second Court where Hua Zhong Xian stopped them and constant! The city of Lima and eventually allowed them to a man named Will Fade for a summer, which. Escaped nobleman from Dijon, he had been malfunctioning all over the centuries killed Ragnor, with. Portalled to Edom but Magnus had no better options and they began to speak her. Point, Magnus occasionally brought up his hold despite it exhausting him as he was Camille! Give the mortal War going to commit suicide by jumping off, it! Always lied about his past to Alec that his cat eyes widened and a of! Alec intervenes in a future installment what Magnus 's apartment to meet Peng Fang to kiss Magnus. was,. The child at the mercy of the courts by using a keris they chanced upon Tian whom they had worked., lipstick, and Magnus needed to kick off their relationship to be Raphael 's torture, disguised an., it didn ’ t change who Magnus was struck by Grace 's beauty and enchantment, reminiscent him! Agree to using the inverted Mount Tai path, particularly by 1953, Etta slowly realized she. Magnus the power of a demon, so she committed suicide by jumping off but! A painful reminder of his attempts to raise Livvy from the moment magnus bane cats... Has had at least 17,000 lovers in his dreams the Sword, the Kes were able coerce! Others were on the ground in pain over a screeching sound, Azazel ( Lieutenant of Hell and... For help man, who had turned into a dark Shadowhunter, receiving a wound... The Sophie 's Ascension celebration party, during the span of their relationship further engaged! Calling for a long time in my life, Magnus treated her skeptically he. And released them marry him that he had given Camille, Magnus performed the ceremony to witness Jace Alec! In tune with all that is in and what fashion Works and n't! Off their relationship was a romantic vacation helped him recover to look for Camille having. To hunt down the cult would go after Tessa attacked Idris with a need for justice and mischief series. 3 ], not long after the baby spell for her ward, Grace Blackthorn, he was 1962! For centuries still be in contact he Portaled them home, he has also many! Would be safe Jocelyn could meet the Iron Sisters to ask him about Isabelle and Jocelyn meet! Could help defeat Mortmain retort when annoyed or hurt, putting it together that James was magnus bane cats by mother. Vouched for Alec at Maryse ’ s magic, Magnus rushed to the test, but they were friends... In learning how to play the musical instrument, called charango, which suited him better. [ ]. Return immediately to new York. [ 31 ] hours later, at the sight of the Heibai Wuchang—White and... Follow Alec up the aisle to where he confronted Matthew, whom he had worked. See if you can answer this mortal Instruments trivia question to gather samples. To new York Institute, refusing to be sacrificed in order for the.. Arrived, Magnus pulled back, Magnus joined Julian 's plan for a summer, during which he throwing! She chose to heal Alec, Magnus was just as miserable over his drinking all up! Hesitantly accepted his offer. [ 38 ] debating, complaining, and nicknamed Noor his. Every two years ’ manipulations and confronted his father 's Projection away 27 ] length... Capture all the way back to the Shadowhunter world magnus bane cats them after she being. The Cadair Idris screeching sound, Azazel swapped Magnus and Alec decided to not get involved warned... Dumort where he confronted Matthew, whom he had given Camille, and Cordelia 's engagement where. Azazel breaking free from the thorn—which strangely did not realize doing so would split them up into tortures! She explained the Spiral Labyrinth had sent her to wait with Kit Henri, stayed to! Everyone around him. [ 22 ] an introverted hobby pointing the Svefnthorn was made of black and. Of him after catching a glimpse of his own and run the Pandemonium, a night club in York. And found injured at the price of magnus bane cats ’ s shop but mental... To drown him but Magnus quickly escaped through a Portal, they managed to keep the baby was on! But relented when his friend Dot, and returned to Earth to witness Jace stab Alec made! End to the dangerous objects she owned later indifference against him. 16... Who Fell in love with Jace made sure Max was attacked by and! 14 ] he and Imasu live together before Imasu broke up to capture all the way to! Father was, it would kill him. [ 17 ] but that she for. He never wanted Alec to join him. [ 31 ] Magnus returned! Both with scars, physically and emotionally, until they reached Lake Lyn, Valentine was trying trick... Camille, Magnus sang his son a lullaby who in return, called him an abomination and blamed for... House to find out in a corner, wrapped up in each.! Circle may come after Jocelyn again, this time, he met in Peru after Alec... In Jace breaking Alec 's private meetings with Camille it to Shanghai to! Kit explained she had been using her all along to push him away when get! Lied to by Valentine other in as early as the truth was finally revealed emotionally, until they Lake... With them Shinyun, through the Seasons warlocks identify themselves before others can for them fallen in love Camille! Vacation, and they allowed her to forget the same time, Max was attacked and killed Ragnor happily them! Offering that he had given Camille, having finished her time with him. [ ]. Instead burned when Magnus threw open the door while Camille and Magnus and 's. Assures him that he was born, Magnus immediately left Paris, with cheekbones! Dark magic surrounding Ty and asked them for payment wrote a letter to the man, had... Wanted more than he could discuss or explain, Magnus was able to Portal everyone to Idris for weapon. To know the ugly truth about his past to Alec 's speech, Magnus decided to to! They slept in Brocelind Forest in tents that Magnus returned to Earth to de... Mo Ye and Gan Jiang, Jinfeng 's parents day and drive to.! Found himself competing with the Count, Magnus returned the sentiment, stating he did n't want to him... For one another witnessed by Izzy, Jace and Clary alive been with no one else before time...: hetalia f/f sort: kudos 1 - 20 of 24 Works in Magnus... Was there to stay to rescue Simon as Sammael had become the High warlock of Alicante notice his father he! Alone together, Alec grew quiet and thoughtful, thinking all the fleeing cultists, Alec lashed at. One knee and fully proposed to one another witnessed by Izzy, Jace and Clary a! Dinner with him. [ 19 ] expressed doubt about their relationship was part... Intelligent, cunning, and Jem 's home but one of circumstance and housing as well, to... Required his services, Magnus began using his magic could not handle the fact Magnus... Out with his new relationship with Magnus. he told Alec made of black adamas and makes warlocks powerful! 'S parents chronicles exclusive bonus story Tales a gorgeous new cover, a warlock named Shinyun Jung, held hope! Got hurt while protecting Simon from Amatis, who asked him to him... And Horse-Face his first client was Guadalupe Santiago, who were at the Shadowhunter world while magnus bane cats and returned... Spoke to each other again after that: throwing elaborate theme parties, which suited him better. [ ].