Nope. Allow the paper to dry completely for the most accurate result. KOH provides a consistency to the mixture. If it remains clear and does not become cloudy, add the final half ounce. KOH soap pastes are the basis for making liquid soaps, which are made by diluting KOH soap pastes sufficiently to make liquids, and many soapmakers believe that liquid soaps should include a preservative since liquid soaps have very high water content. You create liquid soap by introducing oils to a strong alkali called Potassium hydroxide. After an hour or so, stir the mixture some more. Note: if you cook and cook and don't seem to get anywhere. For the Borax, use 3 ounces Borax in 6 ounces of boiling water. (Where you get into trouble with liquid soap is when you start formulating your own recipe.) Ruby. Also do you have an opinion on Benzoin resin as a natural preservative? It's not an exact science, this part, and patience is essential. NaOH (sodium hydroxide) - check this if you are making solid soap bars KOH (potasssium hydroxide) - check this if you are making liquid soap. Take 2 ounces of boiling water in a separate bowl and add in one ounce of your soap paste. Soap is created through a process called saponification in which lye and oils interact in a controlled manner. 2019 update: I’m afraid I can’t offer much in the way of detailed troubleshooting information for this project as I haven’t made liquid soap using KOH in well over 3 years and my memory of the process is limited to my notes, which you’re reading here. Almost all KOH available to the home soap maker is only 90% pure, but you should make sure before you begin. Carefully pre-measure the ingredients. Hi Tanya, this is the perfect recipe! It’s best to always run soap recipes through it beforehand anyway. ounce distilled water to dilute the soap paste, 2 Come back after that time, stir again, squish any blobs gently, and turn the heat off. Great recipe!!!! Once the soap has reached trace, you'll need to give the mixture one more good stir, shake off your stick blender, put the lid on the pot, and wait. The oils in the slow cooker, the water in a heat-proof jug, and the lye (KOH) in another container. Turn the heat off on the slow cooker. If you’re mainly a cold-process soap maker, the process is entirely different. Once you've tested the paste, you can now dilute part or all of it. of water), 3 Please use a scale to weigh the ingredients and ensure they are accurate. Here’s a recipe for easy homemade liquid dish soap using just a few ingredients, like castile soap and essential oils.. Let's begin by seeing if there's unsaponified oil in the soap. I started the diluting 27 hours ago. This recipe can be made in a double boiler or the oven, but a slow cooker is preferred. It will likely be very chunky and gooey. Once you've reached the 3- to 4-hour mark, the soap will have softened and turned translucent. Thanks and keep up with the great site you have! For the boric acid, take 8 ounces of boiling water and add 2 ounces of boric acid. Dual-lye recipes are much less common for bar soap. To conclude, I believe apart transparency and maybe a bit more of lather, the hot processed liquid soap does not differ from the cold processed liquid soap (if it was done using KOH!). i have been looking for a formula to make liquid soap using naoh for a while, i just knew it was possible. Hi Karen, you add both ingredients in the amounts given in step three of ‘Diluting the Soap Paste’. Using too much neutralizer (especially the boric acid solution) can cause cloudiness, so it's best to round down how much neutralizer you add by erring on the conservative side. Turn the slow cooker back on and bring the mixture back up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit or so. Instead of relying on the heat generated by the saponification process, heat is added using a double boiler, oven, or slow cooker. Judy, It’s normal for hot process soap to foam up during the cook, which is why we need to keep an eye on it during that time. Homemade liquid hand soap is one of the simplest natural recipes you can make. You could even have a lot more if you decide to add more water. It requires a bit more patience to make liquid soap than it does to make bar soap.

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